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Delightful Jewellery Boxes.

Unique designs with each jewellery box crafted by hand. Internals can be trays or drawers lined with felt,

velvet or leather. Just a handful of examples are shown below.

All jewellery boxes are hand made to order. Please email for more information.

alice in wonderland jewellery boxes

Alice in Wonderland inspired box: birchwood ply, walnut/oak veneers. Guide price £190.00

japanese jewellery box

Japanese inspired box: sapele, zebrano, walnut and red cedar. Guide price £230.00

jewellery box with bow

Box with bow: sapele, ash. Guide price £220.00

Queen Anne style jewellery box

Queen Anne style: sapele, ash, oak, maple. Guide price £280.00

art deco jewellery box

Contemporary style with piston fit upper draw. Guide price £260.00

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